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Stoned Immaculate

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Seedbank World of Seeds

An intoxicating World of Seeds blend of Moroccan, White Widow and Jack Herer cannabis genetics. With 75% Indica genetics this F1 hybrid will grow indoors and outdoors.

Bank: World of Seeds Bank
Sex: Female: Chef Chaouen (Marroc).
Stabilised male hybrid: White Widow + Jack Herer
Way of cropping: Outdoor/indoor
Race: Chef Chaouen (Marroc)
Genotype: 75% Indica 25% sativa
Harvest time: 8 - 9 weeks indoors/end of September - beginnings of October outdoors
Yield: 400-500 gr m2 indoors/ 400 - 600 gr per plant outdoors
Medicinal value: High (High CBD content)
THC Level: 15-20%