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Afghan Kush x White Widow

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Seedbank World of Seeds

These cannabis seeds are a cross between our own Afghan Kush and White Widow hybrid. The Afghan Kush boasts high medicinal value characteristics and the density of the buds that are covered in beautiful resin glands. The White Widow hybrid also boasts beautiful characteristics; although it is a compact, medium-sized plant it has copious trichomes. The mixture of Afghan Kush and White Widow is highly recommended for medicinal purposes. The White Widow is a blessing for its therapeutic benefits and blending with Afghan Kush provides a perfect combination.

You can expect a typical growing phrase to be from 3 to 4 weeks, which will form a significant height of 100-130 cm. The smell of the Afghan Kush x White Widow is strong but the taste is extremely fresh.

The medicinal value of this seed is high and is thoroughly recommended for those purposes.

Bank: World of Seeds Bank
Way of crop: indoor / outdoor
Lineage: Afghan, Brazil, India
Genotype: Majority Indica
Height: 100-130 cm
Width: Middle
Growing phase: 3 to 4 weeks
Flowering phase: 55 a 60 days indoors/ outdoors
Production: 350 / 450 gr m2 indoors , 900 /1000 gr per plant outdoors
Resistance to mildew: High
Resistance to plagues: High
Irrigation tolerance: Middle
Medical value: High
Smell: Strong
Taste: Fresh
Effect: Sedative medical
THC Level: 15%