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Afghan Kush Ryder Auto

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Seedbank World of Seeds

The Afghan Kush Ryder is the result of cross-breeding the original Afghan Kush with Ruderalis to create a cannabis strain that is strong and easy to grow virtually anywhere as it has a high tolerance to risks such as pests and mould.

The Afghan Kush Ryder is a purely indica hybrid with incredible medical values. The strain’s strong THC levels (22%), teamed with a potent hashish aroma and a hardwood sweet taste, make it very popular.

The strain can be grown any time of year (as it does not rely on photoperiodism to flower) and Afghan Kush Ryder only takes 55 days from seed to harvest - this makes it suitable for multiple harvests per season.

Bank: World of Seeds Bank
Way of crop: Exclusive for indoors. Outdoors the crop is reserved for the months from may/june when the photoperiod is on its maximum.
Linage: Pure Landrace proceeding from Afghanistan re-crossed with Ruderalis.
Genotype: indica-ruderalis 100%
Hight: 40-80 cm
Wide: Limitated to what one stem can proporcionate. It is not recommended to do cuttings with autoflowering strains.
Growing phase: its growing phase depends on its flowering phase.
Flowering phase: 45-55 days indoors and outdoors. Its flowering does not depend on a photo period.
Production: 100-150 gr /m2 indoors

Resistance to mildew: High
Resistance to plagues: Middle/ High.
Irrigation tolerance: It does not like to many irrigations because of its ruderalis genetic. Fertilization is tolerated specially in advanced phases of flowering.

Medical value: High
Smell: Hahs
Taste: Noble wood
Effect: very narcotic, almost devastating.

THC Level: 22%