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MAK 10

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Seedbank Ultra Genetics

Ultra Genetics new MAK 10 is a cross between our Mendo Grape Kush and AK Confidential. The Mendo Grape Kush mother used is a potentially high yielding and purple flowering cut. The MAK 10 appears to have inherited the good yields of its MGK mother so when given good amounts of light this plant can deliver large buds. Trimming of lower branches is recommended to let the plant concentrate energy higher up.

Many phenotypes show signs of purple colours which come through mostly toward the end of flower with some plants showing signs of purple earlier. The AK Confidential was chosen as a father to add a wider variation of flavour to the MAK 10 and to trim time off the flowering with its almost pure Indica heritage.

The flavours vary with some plants having a fruity/candy taste from the AK Confidential and others a more classic Purps influence.

Plants are Indica dominant with a small Sativa influence which can allow plants to stretch a little in flower but then also allows that little extra time for the plants to fill out during flower. The small amount of Sativa also helps to keep the high more uplifting and less couch lock. Plants take around nine weeks to flower and when treated right can deliver some great yields of strong sticky purple and green buds for your medicine cabinet.

Flowering Time: 9 weeks
Indica/Sativa: 70/30%
Yield: High/Above average