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Seedbank True Canna Genetics

Introducing "Terperella" the extract artists’ dream strain. Legendary Chocolope cut (DNA Genetics) is combined with vintage Super Silver Haze (Green House Seeds). Indica trait selection enables us to bring a heavily sativa dominant strain with a relatively short flowering time of 9-10 weeks, making her very appealing to those put off by longer flowering times of sativa dominant strains. The structure is predominantly candelabra shape with excellent branching that can be enhanced by techniques such as super cropping. The taste is an incredibly intense burst of sweet candy goodness infused with a classic pine haze kick that coats the tongue & lingers. In the testing of Terperella with extract artist’s at OCD labs the terpene profile & flavours were consistently retained in extraction processes such as dry sift, water hash, qwiso and butane making her ideal for our requirements of a terpene sensation and extract artist dream. Yields are excellent and although some will be ready in 9 weeks the ones that do need 10 weeks will reward you with extra weight. Returns of 15%+ were consistently yielded from extraction processes.

Genetics: Chocolope x Super Silver Haze

Type: Mostly Sativa

Flowering: 9-10 Weeks

Yield: High