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The Void

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Seedbank TGA Subcool

Apollo 13 X Querkle

The Void is the combination of the soaring motivational high of Apollo-13 with the musty Grape taste of Querkle. We came up with a hybrid with amazing flavours. The main variation is an Apollo-13 dominant female with tinges of purple and hints of Grape flavour reminiscent of Grape Taffy. The Void grows to a medium height and it’s yield is heavy with longer veg times. The best way to grow The Void’s cannabis seeds is to veg to a large bush or untopped in ScrOG. Flowering time is about 8 weeks. The Void’s high is uplifting and speedy leaving a great taste in your mouth. Smells like sour grape pepper funk.

Indica/Sativa: Mostly sativa
Flowering Time: 55-60 days
Yield: Good
Resin Production: High
Smell/Taste: Taste is almost indescribable, like rotting fruit, citrus, and baby poo with a hint of pepper