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Seedbank TGA Subcool

Jack’s Cleaner f1 x Purple Urkle x Space Queen

Qleaner has been fully tested by the growing public. We are very happy with the field reports especially the stability of the strain, the heavy resin production, and the amazing smell and taste we created in this hybrid. The fact that the strain goes purple in the right conditions just adds to its mystique. Qleaner’s cannabis seeds produce tall spear shaped cola’s and her yield is medium to heavy. Her cannabis seeds can be cultivated both indoors, outdoors and greenhouse. The best way to grow Qleaner is to let the cannabis seeds grow very fast in soil and super fast hydro. Flowering time is between 60-70 days. High type is very spacey and strong it seems to impress even the seasoned pot snob. Qleaner smell variations include grape and banana smelling females. We openly tested this strain in 10 separate gardens with growers at all skill levels and every single one got amazing results.

This took a long journey to accomplish and we are extremely happy with the results.

Indica/Sativa: Mostly sativa
Yield: Good
Resin Production: High
Effect: Lavender / citrus taste