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Seedbank TGA Subcool

Mothertongue is a hearty OG with an intensely sweet aroma. The yield is impressive as is the early calex production and frosty resin throughout the entire plant. The large, dense nuggets are evenly spaced amid the branches. This is a tall, hefty plant that may need topping 3 weeks into growth for an even top canopy. An extreme skunk smell appears in the later part of growth cycle. This strain has strong and long lasting body effects that encourages mind clarity and enhances daytime productivity. A wide variety of flavor profiles ranging from robust berry and pungent melon overtones, to spiced cider are present here.

Genetics: Electric Watermellon OG x JOG Kush

Variety: Mostly Sativa

Yield: High

Plant Height: Tall

Flowering Time: 56-60 days

Taste / Flavour: Berry, Coffee, Melon, Skunk, Spicy / Herbal, Strawberry

Effect: Body, Powerful, Stimulating