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Go Time

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Seedbank TGA Subcool

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Norton X JOG Kush

As the name implies, just watch our girl bring it on!! This highly invigorating Sativa dominant gem delivers energizing and uplifting effects. It is a clever combination of extreme pain relief, focused energy, and occasional aphrodisiac mood alteration. Those positive, almost euphoric feelings will have you coming back for more. The flavor profiles range from citrusy lemony diesel to pungent skunky cheese with sweet and rotten undertones.

Go Time's most coveted features are most notably expressed in her large and fully stacked kolas which are packed with swollen pods exhibiting high calyx to leaf ratio. This leads to production of large, rock-hard buds possessing both phenomenal frost and resin production. Also note, a noticeably high return on concentrates. This is an easy strain to grow and demonstrates heavy yield.

Height: Medium to large stretch
Yield: Heavy
Recommended for Indoor and Outdoor.
Harvest: 58-63 days
Sat/Ind: 65/35
Hybrid: Norton X JOG Kush
High Type: Positive and uplifting, energetic and creative, combined with relief from both pain and anxiety. Very motivating!
Taste/Aroma: Citrus tones of lemony sour diesel, pungent skunky cheese, sweet rotten fruit with soft earthy undertones of kush.