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Speed Devil #2 Automatic

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Seedbank Sweet

Sweet have been working on the Speed Devil weed seeds for a few years now and this, the Speed Devil #2 Automatic is a welcome iteration of the genetic development.

This feminised autoflowering variety has built on the rapid flowering capacity of the previous version, whilst developing the average plant size. These super-fast growers could always be relied on to produce heavy, resin-rich bud clusters within 60 days; how the yield has moved on a step with plants capable of reaching 80cm and boasting substantial lateral branch development – everything, in short, that you need to reach the sensational levels of output that have come to be expected.

And all this has come together without disrupting the quality of the plants. With these cannabis seeds, the crystal formation has led to a more intense aroma, rich with heady, arboreal tones. Sweet Seed Bank are on a journey and you’d be foolish not to join them.

Type: Automatic Flowering
THC: 15%, CBD: 1,1%, CBN: 0,5%
Yield: indoor 400-500 gr/m2, outdoor 20-60 gr/plant
Flowering indoor: 5 weeks
Harvest time outdoor: 2 months from seed
Height: 70-80cm