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Big Devil #2 Automatic

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Seedbank Sweet

Big Devil #2 Automatic has been developed by the guys at Sweet seeds as a result of the sheer amount of demand for larger sized autoflowering plants. This strain is the first genetic evolution of the well-known Big Devil that has proved to be popular over recent years.

Big Devil #2 Automatic flowers within 6 weeks of cultivation and the plant tends to grow between 1-1.5m, growers benefit from a good yield, compact buds and a powerful stone with a fruity flavour.

THC: 19-20% / CBD: 1.1% / CBN: 0.3%
Flowering indoor: 6 weeks
Harvest: 9 weeks from seed
Yield indoor: 400-600 gr/m2
Harvest outdoor: 9 weeks after germination
Yield outdoor: 50-300 gr/plant
Height: 100-150 cm