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El Cucaracha

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Seedbank Super Strains

El Cucaracha by Super Strains is a strong, easy grower that offers a mellow high. It is ideal for the novice cultivators and smokers out there as this strain will treat you right and tolerate most of the mistakes the inexperienced may make. The high yields and quick growing times also make it an ideal choice for commercial growers. There is something for everyone in this strain.

She is an Afghan indica-dominant strain who is very forgiving and grows with a tenacity that makes her a favoured choice of the novice grower. That is not to say that commercial or veteran growers should not consider this fine strain for their collections. She is a fast grower and offers generous yields that are sure to please all. El Cucaracha by Super Strains is suitable for outdoor, indoor and greenhouse growth. Plant heights can vary between 1-1.5m and you can expect a yield of 550g/m2 for your time and effort. Making this an extremely efficient, easy to grow and worthwhile strain for everyone.

Type: Indica
Genetic background: Afghan 60% (Indica)
Yield: 550g/m2+
Outdoor (Harvest): End September
Indoor (Harvest): 55 days
Height: 1.5 meters
Effect: Stoned Mellow
Cannabinoid level: Medium