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Fast Bud Outdoor

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Seedbank Spliff

90% Sativa. Genotype: Early Pearl x Mexican Sativa x Californian Sativa. Beautiful floral, spicy aroma and sweet, tangy, peppery flavour. Great flower-to-leaf ratio. Harvest mid- end of September. Long-lasting, social and uplifting high. THC medium-high.

Fast Bud Outdoor is a result of years of intensive breeding and selection. We used Early Pearl genetics as a base and crossed her back with Early Pearl’s origins; Mexican Sativa and a Californian Sativa. This to further stabilise her and improve flowering time, quality and yield.

Fast Bud Outdoor is a quick finisher by any means. In Holland she can be harvested mid to end of September. Although she can be harvested as early as end of September, depending on summer weather, off course. She will start to flower around mid July, beginning of August. Fast Bud Outdoor has a good flower-to-leaf ratio, producing the biggest buds of all our strains in cool-climate conditions.

Fast Bud Outdoor is a tall and branchy plant. In a 20 litre pot she will reach between 1.80 and 2.10. In open soil, well, make sure you have plenty of space. She’s a beast easily reaching 3.5 metres high and 2.5 metres wide. Buds are typically tall and stretched and tend to be a bit fluffy, which makes her a lot less prone to mould. She is a bit of fussy feeder, so do keep her well fed. If she does display some yellow leaves around week 3-4 during flowering use a foliar spray for quick absorption. Probably use some magnesium foliar spray to help recovery. The last four weeks will show an enormous spurt in growth, beefing up the buds tremendously. For optimal crystal production you would want to leave her till mid October.

She shows the most variation between individual plants of all our outdoor strains. Especially taste wise and bud structure there can be variation between the phenos. Taste ranges from a floral, peppery taste and flavour up to a sweet tangy taste and flavour. Fast Bud has a long-lasting social, uplifting high. Potential THC level high.

Suited for: Exterior zone A/B/C
Flowering: E) end September
Plant height: E) 2.00-2.50m
Yield: E) 650 gr/plant (high)
Growing difficulty: Easy