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Dutch Blue Automatic

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Seedbank Spliff

60% Indica. Genotype: Dutch Automatic x Blueberry x NL Special. Fruity, earthy aroma and flavor. Highly tolerant to fertilization. Plague and mold resistant. One main bud. Autoflowering variety; from seed to yield in 10 to 11 weeks. Stoned high. Potential THC level low-medium.

Dutch Automatic, Blue Berry and Northern Lights Special are used to create our Dutch Blue Automatic. She is an autoflowering variety with a nice level of THC. In ideal growing conditions the leaves can turn blue. This also occurs when grown outdoors after a cold night or two. Because of her Ruderalis genetics (origin Siberia) she is very well adapted to growing outdoors in more Northern latitudes. Dutch Blue Automatic will create one main bud and will hardly have any side branches, so she is ideal for SOG. Dutch Blue automatic is very tolerant to over- or underfertilization. On top of that she is very plague and mold resistant. Ideal for starting growers.

Dutch Blue Automatic has a fruity, earthy aroma and flavor, thanks to her Blue Berry parentage and delivers a stoned high.


Suited for: Interior Exterior zone A/B/C
Flowering: 10-11 weeks August - September
Plant height: 0.40-0.75m
Yield: 15-35 gr/plant
Growing difficulty: medium