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Himalayan Orange Diesel

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Seedbank Short Stuff

Himalaya Orange Diesel (HOD) is a new strain from shortstuff seeds which uses classic Kush genetics from the Himalaya’s and combines them with an incredible Sour Orange Diesel strain from the USA.

Himalaya Orange Diesel, like her sister Himalaya blue diesel, is easy to grow but will astonish you with its vigourous growth, big solid buds and fantastic aroma.

Himalaya Orange Diesel produces medium to large autoflowering plants which generally reach 1 metre (3 feet) in height. She has generous internodal spacing with chunky buds forming at each internode. This strain generally produces a really sold main cola but with a good amount of side branching as well. Because of the kush heritage in this strain the buds are very solid and produce a ton of resin.

Type - Auto flowering  hybrid 50/50
Height - 32-40” | 80-100cm
Harvest - 65-75 days from seed
Yield - 30-90g | 1-3 oz per plant
Indoors/Outdoors - Both
Effect - Great high and stone
Potency - 9/10