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Himalaya Blue Diesel

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Seedbank Short Stuff

A hybrid of a hybrid, this is the embodiment of standing of the shoulders of giants. Short Stuff have taken the Himalayan Blue (itself a great hybrid of Blueberry and Nepalese Kush, where the Kush kept the strain compact and the Blueberry brought its wonderful aroma) and spliced it with New York City Diesel which has added it spicy bass notes and, naturally, that heady boost it is renowned for.

The results are just as you’d expect from this parentage – a fruity spice fragrance in a short and chunky package; all high yield, heavy resin buds with the capacity to tuck you up comfortably on the couch. With the powerful, Indica-dominant, stone, these weed seeds are understandably well recognised for their therapeutic effect.

Type: Autoflowering indica/sativa hybrid
Height: 11-16 inches
Harvest: 8-10 weeks from seed
Yield: 18-30g per plant