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Dr Feelgood

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Seedbank Short Stuff

Many of our customers have commented on the excellent medical properties of Blue Himalaya and Himalaya Blue Diesel so we thought we would try and produce a new strain that offered even better medicinal benefits. Dr Feelgood is a pure medical strain that is a true indica autoflowering seed. It was created by crossing our auto line with an old school Afghan Kush which was renowned for its fat buds, smooth smoke and high levels of CBD. These qualities have been carried through to Dr Feelgood making it the best medical autoflowering strain to date!

Type: Indica-dominant autoflowering strain
Height: 10-20 inches
Harvest: 8-9 weeks from seed
Yield: 15-40g per plant
Effect: Couchlock with total pain relief.
Potency: 9/10
Breeder: STITCH