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Skunk #1

£3.00 GBP

Seedbank Sensi

The original and, some would argue still, the best. No-one would argue with the assertion that Skunk changed cannabis culture forever and when it comes to the collection of weed seeds, there’s no more iconic strain. Taking this legend to another level, Sensi Seeds have now made a feminised variety.

Its rock solid genotype means that it is, in many ways, the perfect foundation for hybrid generation – a fact amply evidenced by the huge number of solid seed banks it has influenced. With its reliable performance level, remarkable uniformity and consistent structure, this has been the go-to for many collectors in the last quarter of a century and Sensi has not messed with the basics at all – their Skunk #1 produces high quality yield again and again with tight, dense bud-clusters forming gigantic, sticky colas.

The plants are mostly Indica orientated (though these Skunk strains are significantly more bountiful than pure Indicas). However, the impact of Sativa genes into this variation allow for a sensational interplay between stone and high.

Sensi Seeds are masters of their game and these cannabis seeds should not be overlooked by any serious collector.

Flowering: 45-50 days
Yield: 100g
Height: 120-150cm