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Results of crosses and selections indicates dominant lines of our Big Low Hindu Kush with a pure indica, Epigenetics evolving theory. A project to stabilize the line indicates Big Low and Hindu Kush simultaneously achieve high quality, that can flourish in Auto version also outside the 42 ° N. In good condition is a normal variety but ready in less than two months. The Hindiana is stable, very resinous and strong odour, among the most powerful and productive in a short period of time. Medicinal. phenotype expression:
It will manifest phenotypes mostly Indian with a height of 1.20 m with about 18/20hs of daylight in Interior and Exterior 1.50 m. They will begin to bloom 20 ° / 21 ° day and will be ready in 55 days from seed to harvest. Outdoors need a few more days due to light exposure is lower. Multiple harvests per season are possible. Strong structure, compact buds branched and abundant resin with strong odor. 's Hindiana has been filed with the GROWMED '12.