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Big Low

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Seedbank Seeds of Life

Big Low autoflowering Cannabis seeds are 100% feminized and was obtained by carefully selecting and crossbreeding the finest genetics over 3 generations. Big Low is a very stable strain that grows with exceptional vigor, pungent aromatics, high potency and a fruitful bounty. These Cannabis seeds are very healthy, nicely pot-bellied with thick mature color, and all good sizes. There are two common phenotypes with this variety. A more Sativa one that reaches up to a meter and the Indica grows up to 75 cm. They begin flowering after 21 days and when grown indoors with more than 12 hours of light a day, they can finish within 65 days, but allow a few more days when grown outdoors. These plants are well branched and absolutely full of resin, especially on the apical leaves.

Height Medium
Flowering time AutoFlowering