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Seedbank Sativa Seedbank

As their name suggests, these guys like their cannabis seeds heavy on the Sativa and the Blackberry doesn’t disappoint.

Taking a fantastic US clone – Black Domino – as the starting point, Sativa Seed Bank have bred it with Raspberry Cough (straight from Nirvana) and moved both parents up a notch. Whilst the leaf structure has been kept tight and dense, there’s plenty of room for dusty, trichome heavy colas to infiltrate and bring together a very pleasing leaf-to-bud ratio.

This gives a very significant yield for its height and, with a potential flowering time of only 9 weeks, this is a real show-stopper from Sativa.

As you’d expect, there’s quite a fruity overtone to the whole output but it’s the Sativa-rich smoke that’s central. Fair to say, Sativa have done Nirvana proud with these weed seeds.

Genetics: Black Domino x Raspberry Cough
Indica/Sativa mix: Mostly Sativa
Plant type: Indoor
Plant height: Medium
Effect: High (head trip) yet stoned (body buzz)
Flavour: Pungent/Fruity
Average yield: 400-500 (g/m2 in SOG)
Flowering period:9-11 weeks
THC Content: Medium