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Seedbank Reggae Seeds

Finally here it is al last a new Reggae Seeds blood was coming. After some years testing a Cannalope Haze male, Reggae Seeds is starting to harvest there work fruits. The first pearl to arrive on the smokers knowledge is called RESPECT.

It's a cross between Juanita Lagrimosa x Cannalope Haze. it's resulting two main marked phenotypes. One have a great stretching with long branching and the other more compact have a shorter internodes. Both phenotypes have a 55/65 days of flowering time and both have similar nutrient and feed needs, very easy to grow. In outdoor's culture is an impressionist strain, the flowers are a real show, very white crystallised, almost like and indoor's finition. Suitable for all kind of growers. The aromas are remembering a lot of things... fuits, agrumas, haze smell, sweet sugar, woods, metals... Every specimen is an unic jewel. Perfect strain to process any mother-plant selection, every plant have a specific characteristics that don't let you in-different. Strong effect, enjoyable good being sensation, sociabilizing feelings with a longlasting time effect. RESPECT haves Juanita Lagrimosa's genetics, around 50% of the specimens have a 1.1 CBD/THC ratio heritage.

This means that these plants have a powerful medicinal properties, accesible for every one who wants.

Grow your medicine!!!

Cruce: Juanita Lagrimosa x Cannalope Haze
Sativa-indica : 50%-50%
Flowering int : 55-65
Flowering out : end of september
Yeld int : 300-400g/m²
Yeld out : 700-1000g / plant