Pink Kush

Pink Kush



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Reeferman used the famous Pink Kush cutting that has been guarded for nearly 3 decades, the mother line of the King and one of the most high regarded plants in Reeferman collection. They pollinated her with the pure king pollen this is the purest and best PK line that Reeferman have offered to date. With that signature flavor and taste and those pink hairs that are also dominant in the King line, the Pink Kush also exhibits crazy resin production and massive colas. This plant can yield massive crops. The flowering time is 10-11 weeks outdoors she takes until November. Winner of the 2006 High Life Cup for Best Indica in Amsterdam. Bred by Charles Scott

Genetics: King x King

Variety: Mostly Indica

Yield: High

Flowering Time: 10-11 weeks

Harvest Month: Early November

Taste / Flavour: Kush

Awards: A winner of 2006 High Life Cup for Best Indica in Amsterdam

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