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Auto Stilton

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Seedbank Philosopher Seeds

Auto Stilton, FKA Cheesy Auto has been created to satisfy all those growers seduced by classical marijuana strains and decided to grow auto-flowering cannabis. After several generations of work, a high quality ruderalis hybrid has been obtained.

Auto Stilton produces easy to grow hybrids, robust, compact and with good lateral branching. Its leafs have a distinctive dark green colour, showing an exuberant layer of resin during the flowering stage.

Using a single pot for the entire life cycle of the plant is recommended, from seedling to harvest, a process that may take from 65 to 85 days.

In outdoor crops, Auto Stilton don’t usually exceed 1 meter in height, which helps camouflage these plants. It is certainly a perfect strain for off-season growing, also suitable for equatorial areas where natural photoperiod is close to 12 hours of light per day.

In Indoor crops, Auto Stilton will show its full potential under a light cycle of 20 hours of light / 4 hours of complete darkness per day during its whole life cycle. If you have a small space, you can reduce the hours of light per day to 12; this way, the growth of your plants will be less vigorous.

Auto Stilton has been developed with the intention of preserving the peculiar smell of the legendary U.K. Exodus Cheese strain. Its taste is very special, a subtle mix of strong cheese and a particular sweetness that reminds of blackberries and blueberries.

The effect is very balanced, producing a pleasant state of physical relaxation and a creative high, perfect for those moments where you need some inspiration. Auto Stilton will be, with no doubt, a good companion for those creative moments.

Genetics: U.K. Exodus Cheese x Lowryder (ruderalis hybrid)

Indoor Harvest: 65-85 days from germination

Outdoor Harvest: 65-85 days from germination

Indoor Yield: 400-450 gr/m2

Outdoor Yield: 100-125 gr/plant