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Automaria II

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Seedbank Paradise

Building on the success of their first Automaria, Paradise seeds have looked to improve on perfection. And unbelievably, it seems they’ve done it!

Taking the original Ruderalis / Indica mix of its father, these guys have crossed it (and then re-crossed) with a Sativa variety to generate greater yield with enhanced potency without adding anything to the growth period. Simply amazing results unfolded with a Sativa-orientated autoflowering hybrid that retains the beast of its Indica heritage.

Given the chance, these weed seeds grows high and wide and they need to in order to support the hefty flowers with their gnarly calyx, which offer massive opportunity for multiple harvests within a cycle.

And what a harvest – cerebral rush coupled with glowing body buzz means that this latest Automaria is masterful.

Type: Autoflowering Sativa/Indica
Lifecycle: from seed to harvest, approx. 60 days indoors and max. 70 days outdoors. Outdoors in colder regions Northern latitude: Start in May/June and finish in July/August. In warmer areas multiple harvests are possible. In tropical areas the whole year round.
Yield: 350-450g/m2 indoors; 75g/plant outside
THC: 15-18%