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Seedbank Nirvana

Consistently regarded as a high class operator. Bubblelicious (also known as Bubblegum) is a really beautiful and very potent strain. Suffice to say, if you’ve not got these marijuana seeds in your collection, you need to reconsider quickly.

From its early years, being developed in America’s Midwest, Bubblelicious ended up settling in the Netherlands and it was there that the guys at Nirvana stabilised this auto flowering stunner, demonstrated by placings in multiple High Times Cannabis Cups during the 1990s.

This dwarf plant, ideal for those with limited space, provides a glorious range of yellows, greens and purples with compact and chunky buds, rich with crystal and resin. Its heavy, skunk-rich aromas – often with a overtone of bubblegum (hence the name) – are instantly recognisable, whilst there’s no doubting its power when you experience the euphoric high that has almost become its trademark.

Plant height: Short
THC level: High
Flowering Weeks: 8/9
Yield : 300/400
Harvest Month: 10