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Blue Mystic

£1.75 GBP

Seedbank Nirvana

A beguiling beauty, the Blue Mystic has a great strain pedigree and, coming from the Nirvana Seed Bank, you know it has been designed by some of the finest minds in hybrid development.

These weed seeds are frankly spell-binding with deep blue leaves and bud nodes that, desiccated with dewdrop like crystals, has the delicate look and feel of crushed velvet; and all this on a stocky, well-developed and high yield plant.

However, those heavy, dense buds have more than just looks on their side – with an earthy, organic smoothness, their subtle top notes of wild berries demonstrate a complex palate; and with a high THC, this indica-orientated blend is renowned for its heady stone.

A looker with a great vibe – one for your collection, surely?

Flowering Weeks: 8/9
Yield : 450
Harvest Month: 8/9