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Auto Northern Lights

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Seedbank Nirvana

Experts at Nirvana have spent years perfecting their selective breeding to bring you the ultimate indica strain – Northern Lights! Specially designed for those growers that prefer smaller bushy plants in their cannabis gardens. It is believed that most high quality indoor cannabis strains now contain Northern Lights genes, with its compact buds, exceptional yields, high flower to leaf ratio and unprecedented resin production we understand why.

Just when you thought this strain couldn’t get any better, it is also easy to grow and can be cultivated using numerous techniques from soil to hydroponics. If you struggle for space in your growing area Northern Lights is perfect as their plants are small in size. If you enjoy a full bodied smoke with a light flavour this may be the one for you.

Type: Indoor
Indica / Sativa: Indica dominant
Yield: 200-300g
Effect: Stoney
Grow height: Low
Flowering weeks: 5-7 weeks