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Aurora Indica

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Seedbank Nirvana

Taking a trip down the heavy stone route, Nirvana Seed Bank has pulled out all the stops with the Aurora Indica strain. These weed seeds are a great blend, bringing powerful indica buzz and stocky, dense yield.

Nirvana has successfully blended Afghan and Northern Lights parentage to produce one of the most potent Indicas you’ll find. With a monster THC level, the genetics involved here have clearly been perfectly aligned and all this experience is married perfectly to a stocky output.

These plants stay short and produce heavy colas, leading to outstanding levels of resin and very dense bud formation. All in all, Nirvana has been very single-minded in their aims for these cannabis seeds and no-one can argue with the results: a unique proposition for any collector.

Plant height: Short Plant
Stoned or high?: Stoned INDICA
THC level: High THC
Flowering Weeks: 7/8
Yield : 300
Harvest Month: 9/10