Viper City OG XIII

Viper City OG XIII

Moxie Seeds


£9.25 GBP

We took our house O.G. and back crossed it with the original female to get a more stable Lemon-leaning plant.  Less purple than its father, VCOG XIII will produce the same proportions of yield and resin production.  The flavour leans more towards a spicy incense and is easier to grow than the predecessor.  For growers looking for a strong strain with great resistance to moulds and pests, look no further.  Put her outdoors to see massive trees that finish relatively early.  The buds are dense like rocks and dripping with resin.  This plant makes excellent water hash.

Indica Dom

60-65 Days

Indoor & Outdoor

Viper City O.G x Lemon O.G.

Yield - High

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