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Viper City OG

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Our original House O.G. cross, this Strain combines our Grape Kush and crossed it with our clone-only Lemon O.G.  This Lemon O.G. has won countless Cannabis Cups and remains a favourite amongst some of the world's most revered hash-makers.  When mixed together, the result is a fuel-filled, skunky, citrus bud with huge resin content.  Pinene, Limonene, and Caryophyllene are all very abundant in this cross.  She will Yield heavy and produce over 20% THC.  Small plant counts won't hold back production, and a 10+ day flush will bring out the entire array of scents and flavours.

60-65 days

Indica Dominant

Indoor & Outdoor

Grape Kush x Lemon O.G.

Yield - High