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Goji Golden Cobra

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Seedbank Moxie Seeds

This is citrus fuel of a strain combines the Golden Cobra from Moxie and the Goji O.G. from Bodhi Seeds.  By adding the resin production of Goji to the monstrous buds of the Golden Cobra, Moxie has created a production-level strain with connoisseur flavor.  Both strains independently have become some of Moxie’s most popular in medical dispensaries throughout the U.S.  The combination is sure to satisfy the eager palates of terpene hunters worldwide.  This strain makes excellent live resin extract as well as non-solvent hash.  Keep the room cold to see a slew of gorgeous purple tones and snow-like frost.

Goji x Golden Cobra

Flowering: 8 Weeks

Type: Hybrid

Yield: Heavy