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Sour Diesel

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Seedbank Medical

As a trail-blazer for medical level cannabis seeds, Sour Diesel has excellent pedigree and is well regarded for its therapeutic characteristics. Developed by Medical Seed Bank, out of Spain, this sativa-dominated hybrid is very reminiscent of its parents. The Diesel taste is there in abundance and with the impact of the high-yield, indica-orientated California genome, what they’ve created is a strain that has a quicker flowering period than traditional Diesel, coupled with greater production capacity.

Looking at the crystal-laden buds crawling on top of each other on the stem, it’s easy to see where the yield improvement has come from. And whilst the overwhelming euphoria is essentially body-based, there is no doubting the quality and the intensity here. A truly magnificent work of genetics, these weed seeds come highly recommended.

Genotype: Diesel x Californian
70% Sativa / 30% Indica Growing period: 2-3 weeks (indoor)
Flowering period: 75-85 days (indoor)
Yield: about 500g/m2 (indoor) ; 600g/m2 (outdoor)
Height: 2m (outdoor)
Harvest: mid October
THC: 12-15%
CBD: Low