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A relatively new hybrid from Mandala Seed Bank, the Satori marijuana seeds are another step forward in their quest to develop more reliability and strength without forsaking the individual characteristics that make its parentage so well respected.

Introduced originally in 2006, Satori has been genetically adapted to maximise the power and hardiness of the cross – highly resistant to pests and mould, it grows better than ever and, moreover, in common with all of Mandala’s Sativas, this is heat resistant, which makes it well adapted for hot climates and small indoor environments. On that last note, its expected footprint is narrow and it has a very strong branch development – an optimally designed growth which connoisseurs will appreciate.

An elongated headbud is characteristic, developing dense, prolific flowers on a substantial stem and bud structure. The leaf extension is also noteworthy and it is testimony to the vigour of this hybrid that its nutrient uptake is so rapid and efficient. In a very short flowering period, the Satori generates regular and significant yield levels. The heavy buds are easy to manicure, and from the resinous bud leaves you can produce finest grade hash, comparable in quality to the famous Nepalese "temple balls".

As has come to be expected, there is an exceptional Sativa rush from this stunning tower. With monumental THC levels recorded, the potency is not in doubt and, yet, the high is clear and focused, providing support for cerebral concentration & creativity. The Mandala guys are vocal in their belief that it is ideal for writers, artists, musicians, or other creative people, though they do warn that, with such a powerful beast, this should only be engaged with by those with experience of uncommon muscle in their buzz. What is not in doubt is the validity of the claim that this is a serious medical grade marijuana seed – capable of aiding neurological, physical and depressive complaints.

Type: sativa-indica
Contains landrace genetics from: Nepal
Cultivation: indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC: 23-28%
Aroma: Spicy, fruity, pungent, earthy
Flowering time outdoor: October
Flowering time indoor: 65-70 days
Recommended light intensity: 400-600W HPS/m2
Yield (dry weight): 550-600 gr/m2 indoor, up to 240gr. per plant in greenhouse; 850-1200gr. per plant outdoor in the ground.
Plant Height: medium