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White Thunder

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Seedbank Kera

Origin and popularity

It is very difficult for first time growers to pick their first strain. It’s also a big adventure to grow your first plant. That’s the reason Kera Seeds developed the White Thunder. It has everything you need to get started.

The White Thunder gives you a high yield, it’s easy to grow, has a short blooming period, a great taste and a powerful effect. The White Thunder is also not too expensive, so there’s room for you to make a beginner’s mistake. But we’re convinced that you won’t be let down by the first harvest from your White Thunder, because it can’t go wrong and the quality is always great. 

It’s composed of 60% Indica and 40% Sativa.


White Thunder is an incredibly easy to grow plant. You can grow it both inside and outside. When you grow White Thunder outside it’ll be ready for harvest by the end of September. The short growing period of the plant, 8 weeks, makes the White Thunder suitable to grow in cold climates as well. On average, White Thunder only reaches about half a meter in height, but thanks to the large amount of big crystals you’re still guaranteed a high yield. This plant is moist and mould resistant and can handle a few beginner’s errors, so there’s few risks when growing this plant. White Thunder is the ideal plant for first time growers, because even without experience you can still expect a successful harvest. Of course the White Thunder is also suitable for the more experienced growers. White Thunder can truly do it all.

Character and flavour

White Thunder has a classic scent and flavour. The scent is musk-like, earthy with spicy currents. Not too sharp, but very oldschool and loved by many. The flavour is earthy as well and reminds you of pine trees. The effect of White Thunder is very desirable; a heavy high that’ll make you feel relaxed and euphoric. It soothes your body and gives you a nice boost. Even if you’d smoke White Thunder every day, it wouldn’t easily bore you.

Unique traits

- Ideal for the first time grower

- Classic scent and flavour

- Causes a relaxing high