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La Blanca Automatic

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Seedbank Kannabia

The White is one of the flagships of our seed bank. It has genetics that have been improved over time and that is supported for great years. Some phenotypes of this strain show abundant signs of its "White" heritage. As the aroma, a high level of psychoactivity and big quantity of crystals covering the buds. We were looking for ruderalis that could bring height and production to the crossing to maintain the "white" characteristics. Some growers have compared to the 'original' White, and have named the area of farming for autoflowering "Afghan farming in miniature".

This confirms the success in the selection and crossing of this variety. In greenhouses they show their best adaptation to a well fertilised soil, obtaining a good height and compact higher buds. You can get similar results with hydroponics.
It stands out for his vigour in growth, showing thick stems and big leafy sheets. It keeps part of the flavour / aroma of its relative "white".

Excellent production outdoor from May until September.

Harvest: +3 months from seed.

Height: Medium - Tall
Indoor flowering time: 9 - 10 weeks
THC level: 8-14%
Yield: Medium