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Seedbank Joint Doctor

OGRE is the largest autoflowering strain from our US breeding partner, SGS. It is a sativa-dominant cross of Secret Citrus x Durban Skunk. OGRE shows a unique accelerated growth pattern not seen in Auto-Flowering strains, this allows OGRE to get very large, averaging 1m+ tall and wide. With a prolific branching system OGRE produces very large yields with oversized aromatic buds.

The amount of growth and yields produced in so little time makes OGRE one of the fastest high yielding plants in the world. Indoor in soil plants require 1 gallon pots to start, sex will show between day 17-21, transplant to 3-5 gallons until harvest. Outdoor start plants outside in a greenhouse or similar in 2 gallon pots, after sexing transplant into 5+gallon pots or directly into prepared soil beds, harvest at 65-70 days.

Breeder: The Joint Doctor
AKA: Secret Citrus AF x Durban Skunk
Genetics: Short Term Amnesia (Soma's Amnesia Haze x Lowryder) *1 x Hindu Kush *2 x Durban Skunk *3

Variety: Ruderalis (autoflowering)
Yield: Low
Plant Height: 1m +
Grows: Greenhouse, Grows indoors, Grows outdoors
Flowering Time: 10 weeks
Harvest Month: 10 weeks from seed