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Jack Herer (Jah Herrer)

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Seedbank Homegrown Fantaseeds

If you are a Jack Herer fan but found it a nightmare to grow then this Jack Herer hybrid is for you. Jah Herer is a lot faster and far easier to grow.

A fresh taste and a strong Sativa influenced buzz. Many fantastic harvests have been found with Jah Herer. This strain is quite easy for the beginner grower. Interesting look. Fantastic pot to begin with for a novice. Growing indoor or outdoor, this ganja can be easily done.

It is said to contain an incredible amount of THC. This plant has great leaves and buds. Grows awesomely in hydroponics setups. This weed is very resistant to pests. Can be awesome for quick harvesting. Growing indoor or outdoor.

Jah Herer can be quite easily managed. Many generations have been produced from this strain. These strains of ganja will win many Cannabis cups.