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Homegrown Lowryder

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Seedbank Homegrown Fantaseeds

The Lowryder proved hard to breed with, but our breeders have done it again.
Homegrown Lowryder has the same autoflowering traits as the original Williams Wonder x Northern Light x Ruderalis.

Sweet and pungent buds with a hint of marzipan, loaded with THC, this plant actually prefers to flower under 18-24 hours of light which will drastically increase her bud and trichome production.

HGF Lowryder can even be grown in your window, any time of the year, but remember... more light = more buds = more THC.

Plant one seed every week and then you can harvest one plant every 10 weeks after that!

A lot more quality then we expected for a plant that finishes within 10 weeks, it actually blew us away; you need to try it to believe this unrivalled speed champion.