Bubblegum Hashplant

Bubblegum Hashplant

Holy Smoke


£13.00 GBP

Bubblegum Hash Plant is a brand new cannabis variety from Holy Smoke Seeds.  Using elite genetics from friends and colleagues in the industry, the expert breeders at Holy Smoke have created Bubblegum Hashplant by crossing Serious Seeds' multiple Cannabis Cup Winner, Bubblegum with Guava 13 from Topdawg.

Test grows, which were conducted in Holy Smoke's legal climate, showed prolific, vigorous plants which produce huge, oversized buds with a staggering level of trichome coverage - this is a very sticky, resinous variety.  

Flavours really shine through with Bubblegum Hash Plant - the sweet, sugary familiarity of the Bubblegum is backed by a fragrant and fruity kiss from the Guava genetics.  Effects perfectly reflect the elite genetic pedigree - expect a finely balanced mixture of cerebral euphoria and deep physical relaxation.

Product Features

Bubblegum (Serious Seeds) x Guava 13 (Topdawg)

8 - 9 Weeks Flowering

Yield - Very Heavy

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