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White Widow

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Seedbank Green House

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The White Widow from Green House is one of the elder statesmen of weed seeds collections and you don't achieve that kind of longevity in the market without offering something pretty damn special.

With a THC level of over 18% and a moderate yield, there's no doubt that the young bucks can overtake it in some ways. However, this 1995 award winner (1st prize BIO HTTC) has class and quality oozing from every inch of it, providing a powerful and well-judged balance between indica kick and satica cerebral buzz; all with a clean, smooth flavour that all connoisseurs will recognise and appreciate.

Complex without being off-putting, intense without being disconcerting - as far as Pick 'n' Mix Seeds are concerned, the White Widow has still got it. Quite simply, this is a cannabis seed that no collection should be without.

THC: 18.76%
CBD: 0.10%
CBG: 0.28%