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As you may expect from its name, TrainWreck is guaranteed to hit you hard and fast - a really powerful strain, to say the least!

The genetics of this strain come from a combination of Afghani, Thai and Mexican and originally the legendary clone-only strain from Arcata, California.

TrainWreck is a sativa-dominant strain with indica growth patterns that will produce semi-dense buds with a very strong fruity smell and a long lasting sweet taste. To smoke, the strain is stony on the body, confusing and trippy on the brain – all in all, a truly powerful smoke that is known for its medicinal effects.

Awards: Not introduced to competitions yet.

Genetics: Original clone from Arcata, USA. Reversed 100% feminised.

Effect: Like the name suggests, a real blast. It hits fast, and it hits hard.

Flowering indoor: Ready in 8 weeks, expect a lot of resin and tower-like calyx formation deforming the buds in the final stages of ripening. Production up to 500 grams per square meter.

Flowering outdoor: Ready beginning October, with stretchy branches and long shaped colas. Production up to 700 grams per plant.

THC: 21.74%
CBD: 0.77%
CBG: 0.1%