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Ladyburn 1974

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Seedbank Green House

Looking at the data, you should expect a very powerful impact from the Ladyburn 1974 strain and when Green House Seed Bank makes a claim, people tend to listen – after all, when it comes to Cannabis Seeds, these guys are royalty.

Taking the legendary Jack Herer seeds – renowned for its creative buzz and cerebral psychedelic high – and morphing it with Ice Dream, this Indica–rich remix is a real chip off the old block. Instantly recognisable as a medicinal stone, this can add great value in therapeutic environments; allowing clarity to permeate a full body haze and resonate with a long tail.

The plant itself is relatively stocky with a solid leaf to flower ratio. Like the Jack Herer, it has a delightfully varied cluster formation, building on a long, strong branch infrastructure. THC levels are high, evident in the trichome rich coatings that are visible post-flowering. Substantial yield can be predicted and Green House has worked hard to make this a novice friendly plant. Whether you’re an expert or a novice, however, this descendant of the great Herer should be on your weed seed shopping list.

Genetics: Jack Herer x Ice Dream
Effect: Stoned, body-like at first. It evolves into a strong high, and slowly creeps away. Medicinally effective in pain therapy.
Height: Medium with long branches
Flowering indoor: 9 weeks
Indoor yield: up to 800gr/m2.
Good for SCRoG.
Flowering outdoor: Ready at the beginning of October (Northern hemisphere)
Outdoor yield: 1000 gr/plant.

THC Content: 21.8%
CBD Content: 0.11%
CBG Content 0.24%