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AMS or Anti Mould System is, as the name suggests, a very resistant strain so it is perfect if you have had trouble with pests and moulds in the past.

It is an acclimatised cannabis strain that is bred in Switzerland and has a sweet and complex flavour, boasting a strong high that can also be introspective. A rare and complex cannabis seed for your collection.

This is a medium strength strain with a good yield.

Awards: Not yet introduced in competitions.

Genetics: Swiss sativa, Swiss indica.

Effect: Strong high, with a clearside and a more introspective one. Very particular taste, sweet and complex.

Flowering indoor: 9 weeks will deliver the most amount of resin. Commercial growers harvest in 8 weeks. Yield between 500 and 700 gr/sqm.

Flowering outdoor: Will finish by begin October in the Northern hemisphere, or by mid May in the Southern. Yield up to 800 gr/plant. Mould resistant strain!

THC: 19.05%
CBD: 0.17%
CBG: 0.14%