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Orange Kush

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Seedbank Green Devil

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Orange Kush regular cannabis seeds from Green Devil Genetics introduce a "strong Indica" Orange, with a citrus palate much sweeter and with notes of earth than his parent father (OG Kush). Orange Kush is the love child of OG Kush and Orange Bud, the mother of Orange Haze. It expresses an abundant production grown both indoors and outdoors, producing large buds and plenty of resinous THC as if everything had been produced at maximum ripeness. For all of the pros and connoisseurs out there, Orange Kush is a true "caviar" for the palate. When grown outdoors, feel comfortable knowing that your Orange Kush will branch out, grow about 2-3 meters tall, be resistant to most pests and mold, produce great quantities of flowers and mature at the beginning of October. This Cannabis variety is a curative strain that is definitely relaxing, especially when the consumer can accept the relaxation of mind and body.

Flowering: Photoperiod
Genetics: Orange Bud x OG Kush
Flowering Time: Medium
Height: Medium, Tall