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Auto AK

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Seedbank Grass-o-Matic

Taking the massively popular AK47 strain (quite simply an all-time classic) and combining it with the rapid (and automatic) growth cycle of the Lowryder strain, Grass-o-matic have created a feminised hybrid that is turning heads with its “can do” attitude.

A vibrant addition to any marijuana seeds collection, the Auto AK has been genetically designed to stay compact, grow fast and give impressive yield potential.

Offering 100% automatic flowering after week 3, this is an amazing proposition and, as it is relatively short (at 60-70cm), it can grow virtually anywhere – providing large and dense budding, heavy in resin and oozing class and power. And we’ve not even got onto the aroma and the flavour that this stocky powerhouse offers – truly memorable and a solid therapeutic aid.

Genetics: AK-47 x Lowryder
Variety: Ruderalis (autoflowering)
Type: Feminised
Grows: Greenhouse / indoors / outdoors
Flowering Time: 100% automatic from week 3
Harvest Month: 70-75 days after germination