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Ken's Kush

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Seedbank GrandDaddy Purple

As in most cases, there's the "best"… and then there's the rest!

Ken's Kush is not like any Kush strain that you have ever tried. With a mouth-watering flavour of pungent pine with absolutely no after taste and together with an accent of skunk aroma makes this dank, pungent herb a highly potent and a superb organic medical strain.

The plants rich green buds are dense, small and almost round, like sweet "balls of heaven" with just a little bit of leaf. The buds are covered with bright dark orange red hairs, that are all wrapped up in what looks like a winter wonderland of crystals. Frosty with fresh smelling resin, this breed is well balanced and complete with the heritage and class that distinguish a great strain from a good one.

Effervescent with an natural light sparkly appearance makes our Kush a sight for sore eyes with a real pick me up, and get me going result for the brain and body.

Indoor Specifications
Height: 100-150cm
Flowering: 6-8 weeks
Yield: 1-2lbs (450-900g) per light

Outdoor Specifications
Height: 5-6' (1.5-1.8m)
Flowering: 60-70 days
Plant: June 1st
Finish: October 1st
Yield: 2-3lbs (0.9-1.3kg) per plant