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Seedbank Gage Green Genetics

Use the Mindscape to imagine our entire world moving towards a future of healing and helping each other. The use of mind-expanding antioxidants, beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes, may help remove the barriers that keep us from envisioning a better future. The Headwrecker was chosen for her instant psychedelic effects. The energetic and uplifting qualities make this one of our favourite creativity enhancers.
The old school skunk and diesel smells from the Headwrecker melds with the fruity high tones of the Mendo Montage father. Known for passing on his grape soda flavour, the Mendo Montage also lends its purple colour and fantastic frost profile to the Mindscape. 

Find fast-finishing, potent phenos with strong medicinal aromas in every pack. Expand your mind and allow the healing energies to flow through.

Genetics: Headwrecker x Mendo Montage

Type: Sativa/Indica Hybrid

Flowering time: 6-8 Weeks