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Pot of Gold

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Seedbank Flying Dutchmen

Pot Of Gold is a new variety offered by the Flying Dutchmen. The Real Mc.Coy and Pot of Gold were the only two strains selected out from over 500 experimental crossings.

Along with The Real Mc.Coy, the Pot Of Gold strain gives a new definition to the term ‘high’ standard. The results far exceeded the expectations of the seed breeders.

Special recognition by the Celebrity Judges of the High Times Cup 1998!. Developed in Holland this a F-1 Hybrid.

At the 1988 High Times Cannabis Cup the Pot Of Gold received and honourable notice by the Celebrity Judges.

Sativa/Indica: Primarily indica
Smell/Taste: Smells and tastes like sweet hashish
High/Strength: Positive high, very strong
Expected Yield per m2: Very high
Appearance: Extremily resinous flowers and leaves
Sowing Time: May / June
Outdoor Harvest: October (in the Netherlands)
Indoor Flowering Period: 8 – 10 weeks