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Chaze (Super Auto)

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This variety is new in 2011, one of the best autoflowering plants... more powerful and more productive! Stitch with his love of autoflowering plants, we have produced this high quality cross that exceeds all others currently on the market. Medium-sized plant with Super Auto characteristics, well branched, flowers very present, white resin everywhere and smells of soft cheese. Genetics are completely innovative, it is the first market that carries in it the famous Cheese.

Stitch: Chaze was part of a job I had in mind from long ago, Super Auto marrow produce the taste and smell Cheese. I did not get the smell of Cheese, but I got a unique flavour to the haze blend. The end result surprised me, because here we have a plant that gives an output equivalent to any non autoflowering plant, and its smell and taste very strong and will appeal to all and also all those who do not want to have autoflowering plants. I was able to stabilise a pure plant super auto Haze (Nirvana Sky) with the famous UK Cheese from the original clone which won the Cannabis Cup in 2006. No more to say, just that it's the champion.

Genetics: Stitch 0.1 Ruderalis x Haze x Cheese
Type: Autoflowering
Height: 1-1.5 m outdoor
Time to harvest: 85-95 days from seed
Yield: 100-200gr per plant outdoor